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how it works
What if building your team was just a conversation?
As it turns out, teams are made of people. And all it takes for most of us to know if we are on the right track with a candidate are focused conversations - not stacks of resumes, scheduled calls and automated emails. EyeLevel makes the hiring process conversational, social and mobile so hiring teams can collaborate on the fly and create an interesting and differentiating experience for candidates.
Even as you are writing them, you know that job descriptions are lengthy essays that no one truly reads. Instead, use video messaging to spin up an engaging EyeLevel Snapshot in minutes, then share it widely within your best hiring network - your employees!
Our Snapshots are interactive job posts that people will actually read. Break the ice by asking insight-oriented questions and sharing info about the job with candidates—all without the friction of making them download an app, create a profile or even upload a resume.
From the first outreach to onboarding the new team member, every interaction is part of a single conversation. You can use EyeLevel Chat, or talk directly with prospective hires through chat platforms like Slack and Messenger.
As candidates move through the process, you can easily add other team members to conversations to get input and field questions. You’ll also never worry about losing call notes or chasing down feedback forms, it's all there in one place.
Hiring doesn’t end with an accepted offer, and neither do we. After you’ve found the perfect person for the job, they can keep using EyeLevel to get introduced to their new team, the company and the culture and ensure their first few weeks on the job affirm their decision to join.